What do we want to achieve in the next 5 to 7 years?

Marek Liška
CVO | Founder | Co-owner
Lukáš Král
CEO | Co-owner

Fun, meaningfulness and individuality

We want education to be treated as something of value in our society. So that one remembers school fondly, likes to encourage his/her children to be educated themselves and to make pupils and students happy to go to school and know that the time spent there is a very good investment in their own future. Our vision is based on three basic pillars – fun, meaningfulness and individuality. If we achieve an individual approach to education that makes sense and entertains the student, then we will be on the path to truly changing the world.

School subjects

For pupils and students aged 9 to 19, we will create the complete content of the curriculum in 5 school subjects. We chose these subjects both because of their difficulty for students, but also because they are very similar in content in all our target markets, unlike history or social sciences.

School subjects
Vision map

Language versions

We are going to translate our applications, and especially all the content of the school subjects, into at least 6 foreign languages spoken by more than 150 million of our target group (pupils and students aged 9 to 19).

British English
American English

Online learning features

Our online learning solution is unique in the complexity of the whole system. Its main pillars are the student language, customisation, gamification, dry run tests, interactive videos and a special approach to pricing policy, where the whole system can be accessed completely free of charge.

Online education functions


Our primary goal is to create a community, i.e. a large base of users, which consists of students as well as teachers, principals and parents. That is why we have chosen a special pricing policy. Thanks to this community, we will have access to a large amount of data, through which we can improve not only our system.

11 M active users
13,900 involved teachers

Expected profit

Although our business model is not primarily based on the paid version of our application, a significant portion of our revenue is from displaying advertising to users who have a free version. The primary client for offering advertising in our application is the gaming industry and similar branches, whose target group is children aged 9 to 19 years.

628 million

the estimated value of ForClassmates s.r.o.

Company value

To calculate the company value, we use, apart from the recognised indicator the so-called EBITDA, the sum of all intangible assets multiplied by the multiplier of competition and the coefficient of attractiveness.


One of the most important influences on the company’s prosperity is a high-quality and loyal team. It will be motivated not only by participating in a change to the education system in more than 10 countries around the world but also by contributing to the value of the company by being our silent partner.

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