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Each subject consists of a special team composed of authors, proofreaders, graphic designers and content testers, and there is a representation of the target group as well.

We will use a translation agency in cooperation with our partner school, which teaches the language.

We create the subjects according to topics so that we can tailor them to each country or school and thus correspond to the curriculum.

Strategy development
Strategy development system

The team that develops our application consists of UX and UI designers, frontend and backend developers and testers.

For effective development management, we will use the SCRUM method with an emphasis on monthly evaluation and daily stand-up meetings.

We will program our own environment for creating and editing the content directly in the application (text editor, interactive video editor, project management, etc.).

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We will set up a special “Research and Innovation” department that will work with data on user behaviour in our system, and we will design system optimisation, examine efficiency, analyse the market and create surveys.

To keep students in the application and maintain their motivation, we will develop a simple but sophisticated gamification system. We will make learning fun.

We will create a “Visionary Team”, whose task will be the vision and methodology of learning, control of its implementation into the system and teacher training.

Strategy sales


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Call centre

We will set up a call-centre that will contact teachers and explain to them the benefits of our system and how we will save them time.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of salespeople on a monthly basis using key performance indicators (KPIs).

We will motivate salespeople with quarterly rewards in the case of fulfilling above-standard performances.

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Specific activities

We determine a potential market based on publicly available data in UNESCO and OECD databases.

We will participate in and organise international conferences of teachers and principals.


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Student will be able to invite their classmates to the application and get special features for free (a so-called referral link).

We will have a community of students, teachers and parents communicating and collaborating through our special platform.

We will create our own database of schools and teachers and address them regularly via e-mail or directly through the application.

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Pricing policy

We are preparing a special pricing policy. The application will be available for free with ads for everyone or, after a payment, users will receive a premium version without ads.

We will develop an ad insertion module. We will offer advertising space especially for companies in the gaming industry since we have the same target group.

Strategy marketing
Strategy management

Company management

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To manage the company, we will use the OKR method, through which we will effectively prioritise goals and maintain awareness across individual departments.

Communication in the company will take place mainly online, not only for COVID reasons, but also for greater flexibility of individual teams from different parts of the world.

Strategy iso icon management

Team members can earn a dividend from the company in the form of quarterly bonuses.

We have set up a corporate culture that will keep us motivated and guarantee us satisfied employees who will enjoy working with us.

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