What is our solution?


An important element in education is an individual approach. It is represented in our system in such a way that it adapts the content continuously to the user’s level of knowledge. As a result, students know their strengths and weaknesses and thus save time in finding those weaknesses where they have to work harder. We find out all this through a large amount of data using our own statistical model.

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Student language

Comprehensibility is important whenever one is studying. We provide this in the so-called student language, which is made up of explanations expressed simply and directly in the language of one’s peers. In addition, we explain all the problems and exercises step by step. We use colloquial language and get the users to a friendly level so that they feel like they are being tutored by their classmate.

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Insufficient motivation is one of the most common reasons why a person stops engaging in a given activity. It is very similar for students. It is therefore important to be properly motivated, which we will guarantee using a more playful approach that involves challenges between users, rewards, scholarships, certificates or valuable prizes for the most successful users.

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Interactive videos

Interactive videos are different from ordinary ones in that they hold a student’s attention. During the video, questions pop up about the subject matter being explained. As part of the gamification, students get extra points for correct answers. For wrong answers, they are shown the right procedure and how they should have come to the right result.

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The easiest way to find out if a student is ready for an exam is to use a so-called dry run test. Furthermore, we want teachers to be able to generate tests, to build a tailor-made test, including multiple versions of the assignment.

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A tool for teachers

We are aware that teachers are an integral part of the education system. Therefore, they will be able to adapt teaching to their needs, both in terms of content and especially in terms of teaching methods (e.g. presentations, group work, project teaching, etc.). They will be able to use all our content with all the features that our application brings.

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Pricing policy

We want education to be accessible to everyone regardless of social circumstances, so we want everyone to be able to use our application free with ads. This not only brings our company revenue from viewed ads but above all makes it easier to obtain valuable data. This way we will know information about users, which we can then use and improve our system around the world.

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Together we will create a community of students, teachers and parents that aim to streamline the educational process and get the most out of it. Sharing experiences or teaching students together can lead to a huge acceleration of the learning process around the world.

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Mobile application

In addition to the already functioning web application, we will also program a mobile application to make online learning even more accessible. The application will be available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

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