What Awards Have We Won?


The first award we received right at the beginning of the project was the Recognition of the Governor with a commemorative plaque of our home region in 2014.


In 2017, we received a medal from the mayor of Hradec Králové for popularizing high school mathematics in a completely unique approach, and we became the youngest recipients of this award.



SOČ: The first public presentation of the beta version of the textbook at the secondary school thesis competition, which was attended by 132 students in 2013. For our project it meant 5th place in the national round.

T-Mobile start-ups: in 2014 we won a competition for start-ups organized by T-Mobile.

Mashup: In 2018, we participated in the Mashup networking event, which consists of presenting interesting projects in just 200 seconds, and we took 1st place at the event.


SDGs Awards: in June 2018, we were selected out of more than 150 projects among the TOP 5 that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Czech Republic. Our project met the goal of better education for all without any discrimination.

Startupper of the year by Total Challenge 2019: In March 2019, we took part in a global competition for startups, where we were ranked in the TOP 6 out of more than 13,000 projects from all over the world and were also the overall winners across Europe. As part of the win, we were invited to Paris for a week of mentoring and a presentation of our project to Total employees and management.


Read the article about the different awards we have received since the beginning of the project.

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