Regular News Is Back with the New School Year

The new school year is starting and with it, after the summer break, regular news about our project returns. In this article, we'll take a look at how we're doing in meeting our plan from the annual report and also reveal a bit about our plan for Q4 of this year.

Increase in price and digitalisation

At the beginning of June, our printed products (textbooks and workbooks) were made more expensive. According to the data, the price increase did not have a big impact on the number of school pre-orders.

Hand in hand with this, we announced the upcoming digitisation of textbooks, which will sell out of stock. Over the holidays we worked on a technical solution and modified the eshop to be able to process such a product in the order.

Within a few days, the first textbook will be converted from print to digital, specifically the textbook General Chemistry I. This means that it will only be available on the app. In the same form as the Fundamentals of High School Chemistry course.

Back to School

As we do every year, a few days ago we launched an emailing campaign to schools associated with the start of the school year. The aim is to repeat last year's numbers and ideally sell out as much of the stock as possible.

Business partner Edukal System

Over the holidays, a technical solution was put together where we needed to create a duplicate of our e-shop with all the products and then set it up correctly. At the same time, we had to implement stock synchronization so that our Czech and Slovak eshop and the new Edukal eshop had the same stock numbers and the stock was automatically adjusted. Edukal System is launching its campaign for schools from September.

From October, the Edukal team should start taking over the Czech Republic store and we will only be left with support and administration. We are talking about taking over the printed products, it doesn't concern the online learning application yet. As a result, we expect not only an increase in the number of schools in the Czech Republic, but we will be able to focus even more on the development of the ForClassmates online learning app and expansion.

What are we currently working on?

The team is working hard on a new version of the ForClassmates learning app, which will get a brand new coat and a few changes to the user experience. We want to switch to the new version of the app as soon as possible, as it will be more stable and tuned compared to the current one. We've re-coded the entire application with a clear brief, using a lot of code from the previous version, with the aim of releasing a minimally viable product as soon as possible that we can continue to work on. This time we avoided a lot of bugs. We don't have much left to do, and we estimate that we should be able to release the new version by the end of the year.

In addition to working on the app itself, we are also working on the content. Currently, our priority is to transfer the solved examples from the web to the new version. There are many benefits associated with this in the form of a database of examples, indexing of web pages and so on. At the same time, we are writing a complex algorithm to completely convert all the content from the textbooks and workbooks we have in the form of printable PDFs into the app.

If all goes well, we should start working on a mobile app by the turn of the year, which will be available on all iOS and Android devices.

We'll keep you updated on any further news.

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The new school year is starting and with it comes the return of regular news about our project after the summer break.

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