Press Release: Student attention and motivation. That's what the new online learning system from ed-tech startup ForClassmates is all about

An online learning app that adapts to each student's needs and motivates them to be educated, but most importantly, smart. Such is the product of ed-tech startup ForClassmates, which comes up with its own method of explaining school material in a human form created by the students themselves. They've already tested it on more than 35,000 students and are now raising tens of millions of dollars, offering investors a positive social impact in addition to a lucrative valuation.

Young entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic invented their own method called "humanly by students" to solve their problem with understanding mathematics. "When I was in high school, I and my classmates had problems with math. And I wanted to change that," says Marek Liška, the author of the million-dollar idea.

No time and motivation in students

The authors of the ForClassmates project see the major shortcomings in current education as a lack of time, lack of comprehensibility, student (and teacher) motivation, finances, and real-time data evaluation. And they have found solutions to all these problems in the form of an online application they are currently working on.

"In our app, besides using short interactive videos to save time and test the student's attention and knowledge, we will mainly promote their motivation in the form of gamification. This will be based mainly on collecting points, comparing with other users and competitions for valuable prizes or certificates of completion of the course," explains Lukáš Král, who is the CEO of the company.

Affordable app

"We want to make education more effective and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their social circumstances," says Radek Lekeš, the project's co-owner, who together with his team members advocates that their app should always have a free version with a limited number of ads.

They have already done a lot, but they have even more plans. But their vision is very clear, and that is to get investment and embark on a collective change in education. So follow their journey on their website


An online learning app that is tailored to each student and motivates them to be an educated but most importantly smart person.

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