Meeting with a Foreign Investor in Amsterdam

Yesterday, December 2, 2021, Lukáš Král, as CEO, and Marek Liška, as founder of the project, were in a meeting in Amsterdam with a potential investor with whom an investment of several million euros is being arranged to fill the third investment round. 

Marek Liška & Lukáš Král

Since it will be a silent partner, we cannot disclose his name, but we can say that thanks to this partner we will move our project forward, not only financially, but especially in terms of expanding to foreign markets.

Apart from presenting the project, the meeting was mainly about whether the potential investor is in line with our vision outlined in the Whitepaper and whether both parties see the benefits of our roughly seven-year potential collaboration.

We are currently working on the legal conditions of how to process the transaction, but it is very important to say that the will to start the cooperation has been expressed on both sides!

We will inform you soon about the further progress of this cooperation.


We are very pleased to have had a meeting with a potential investor with whom we are currently discussing the terms of a several million euros investment in our company.

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