Calling Campaign and Digitization of Existing Textbooks

Since March, the calling campaign for schools has been in full swing as it is every year. Pre-orders for September are being discussed with teachers. New this year is a change in our strategy where we are trying to sell out as many of the printed textbooks and workbooks we have in stock. Part of our conversations with teachers include trying to offer an alternative to the printed textbooks that, depending on the number of units, will no longer be in stock. The alternative is digital textbooks in our online learning app. We are gradually trying to transform our products completely into an online environment so that teachers can work with it, which was made much easier by COVID when teachers and students were not able to make proper use of printed textbooks and workbooks as they were used to.

In the future, we want to offer teachers only digital products. We are still considering printing only workbooks to complement the full-time teaching and they are a profitable product for the company as they are cheaper to print than textbooks. We are waiting for feedback from teachers, which we are gradually collecting during the call campaign, to make a final decision.

In the Czech market, we try to accommodate teachers and adapt to their needs, but it still has to be efficient and profitable for the company.


We are currently conducting a calling campaign for schools. How is the school call going? What are our plans for the summer? Read the new article

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